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Family Court Mediation

Mediating Family Law Matters

In Horry County, South Carolina, mediation is required for family law issues. If you know you will need to mediate a family law matter, be proactive by not waiting for the court to order it. Attorney Lisa M. Carver is a certified mediator in family court and works with parties to mediate their matters.

At Carver Law Firm LLC, we work with clients who have been ordered to mediate by the court, those who have been referred by other attorneys or private parties who are trying to avoid the expense of retaining lawyers. Contact us online or call 843-502-0368 to schedule your initial consultation with an experienced Family Law mediator.

Reaching a Healthy Agreement

For some people, divorce is an emotionally draining and contentious matter. For others, it is mostly amicable and a decision to move in different directions. In most situations, mediation can be more cost-effective and less contentious than resolving the matter in court. We represent clients in divorce matters, including:

When working through mediation attorney Lisa M. Carver does not represent either side. She works with both sides to facilitate a healthy conversation and helps the parties reach an agreement that is in both of their best interests and that of the minor children of the parties.

If you know you are going to be mediating family law matters, hire an experienced certified mediator to save attorneys fees and court fees down the road. Schedule your initial consultation in Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand area by contacting us online or by calling 843-502-0368 locally or toll free at 866-623-7040.

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