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Guardian Ad Litem

Advocating for the Children's Best Interest

If you are getting divorced or are involved in a child custody dispute, you may feel like the victim. Often your children may also feel like victims and will likely feel torn between their parents.

In these cases, it is important to have someone advocating on behalf of the children's best interests. At Carver Law Firm LLC, that is what we do. Attorney Lisa M. Carver is a certified Guardian ad Litem for family law matters throughout Myrtle Beach and the surrounding South Carolina communities. With 15 years of legal experience and 8 years of Family Law exclusively, she is committed to protecting the children she represents. Contact us online or call 843-502-0368 to learn more about the role of the Guardian ad Litem in divorce and custody proceedings.

How Does a Guardian Determine What Is in a Child's Best Interest?

When serving as Guardian ad Litem, one of the most important things to reiterate is that we are advocating for the children's best interests. We are not always advocating for the children, and we are not advocating for either parent.

We encourage parents not impose their own thoughts on their child. Building alliances with your child can damage your relationship, and trying to set your child against the other parent can be just as damaging. Many parents ask at what age the kids can decide which parent to live with, and there is no easy answer to this question. Although we ask children which parent they would like to live with, that is only one factor of several taken into consideration.

We Are the Eyes and Ears for the Court

We know the possibility of losing your children is terrifying, and we know you would like to make the situation just disappear. However, that is not the right solution. In Guardian ad Litem matters, we serve as the eyes and ears for the court, and we are committed to protecting the children's best interests.

Learn more about the representation a Guardian ad Litem offers in custody, visitation and divorce matters by contacting us online or by calling 843-502-0368. Working with an experienced lawyer can help protect your children during this difficult process.

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