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Determining whether mediation is right for you

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2019 | Divorce |

Resolving conflict during a divorce can be difficult. When emotions run high, it can even feel impossible at times. But there are ways for you and your ex to work through your conflict — that is, if both of you are willing.

Mediation is a process where you and your ex sit down and work out any disputes with the assistance of a third-party mediator. When you and your ex want to resolve your issues, participating in mediation can be beneficial. Here are some questions to think about when considering if mediation is the best option for you.

Are you able to communicate respectfully and honestly with your ex?

Mediation requires some preparation. You should have a conversation with your ex about your problems before the process begins. When you come to your first meeting, be prepared to propose your wishes and be ready to clarify if there are any questions or disagreements. Staying organized and having respectful conversations with your ex can make the process easier for everyone.

Are you willing to consider alternative solutions to your problems?

Being willing to partake in mediation is only the first step. You need to keep an open mind to your ex’s proposed solutions. When you are open to new possibilities, you may find it easier to reach flexible and creative solutions that benefit both of you.

Would an informal process work better for you?

Taking your divorce to court can be expensive and lengthy. Because mediation is informal, you may save time and money when both parties cooperate and participate.

Will you set aside your grievances to come to a resolution?

Mediation is a negotiation, not a battle. It’s not an excuse for you and your ex to fight things out. Rather, look at mediation as an opportunity to hear from both parties before settling on a fair solution. Sometimes, the solution may not be what you wanted. It certainly won’t solely benefit you unless that’s what the other party wants. In mediation, you have to be okay with not always getting exactly what you want.

If you answered “yes” to these questions, mediation might be the right option for you and your ex.