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Do you know how to discuss a prenup with tact?

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2020 | Marriage |

You and the love of your life both know that marriage is in the cards for the two of you, sooner or later. Before you pop the big question, there is another that you need to ask: How does your partner feel about a prenup? 

To help you bring up the subject with grace and consideration, see what HuffPost has to say. The right approach better ensures that you both understand the benefits of a prenup and can continue sharing your lives in South Carolina with one less thing to worry about. 

Prepare for an awkward conversation  

Depending on how long you have been with your partner, you may have already had more than a few difficult conversations, ones you were both reluctant to have. The same applies to discussing a prenup. This feeling of dread can make you want to put off the conversation for as long as possible, but that does not diminish the difficulty. 

Broach the subject early  

On a related note, you should bring up the prenup as early as possible. Getting it out of the way allows you to iron out the finer details of the document and put it behind you. If the two of you talk about finances often, you may already have an idea of how to frame the prenup conversation. 

Focus on the positives 

No matter if you earn more or less than your significant other, bringing up a prenup may come across as opportunistic. One thing that the two of you may not realize is that prenups sometimes benefit the lesser-earning spouse. Additionally, signing a prenup helps ease the transition after your relationship ends, whether that be in divorce or one of you passing on. 

If you and your partner do agree on a prenup, be sure that you do it right. Talk things over together with a legal professional.