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What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2020 | Divorce |

Divorce is not an easy process for anyone. The chances are that you and your spouse both want to get through the process and move on. However, the decisions you need to make before you can legally end your marriage are not always easy ones. You may disagree. Old issues from the marriage may resurface and make it difficult for you to reach an agreement and create your divorce settlement. In a case like this, you could go in front of a judge and have him or her make the decisions for you, or you could try an alternative such as divorce mediation. 

Divorce mediation, according to MyDomaine, is when you and your spouse work together to come to an agreement about the different aspects of your divorce while a neutral third-party acts as a moderator for the process. The mediator will not tell you what to do or make decisions for you. He or she is merely there to keep the conversation going and help you talk through things if you reach an impasse. 

Mediation can be quite beneficial because it helps you to avoid having to let a judge decide important things in your divorce. It can save you money because of avoiding extra time in court. It also can enable you and your spouse to learn to work together, which is incredibly beneficial if you have children who you will have to parent together even after the divorce is final. 

It is also a very fair process. The mediator will never take sides. He or she will try to help you each see the other person’s point of view and help you to both stay in control of the process.