Child support can often take up a significant portion of a person’s paycheck and some parents may realize they cannot afford these payments. In this situation, parents can request a child support modification. 

People might request a child support modification for many reasons. FindLaw says a modification may be necessary if people lose their jobs. People may also change their payments if their cost of living has gone up or if their child needs more financial support. Additionally, people may need modification if they experience a disability. 

How does the process work? 

To request a modification, people should contact their child support agency. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a court usually looks over the child support order after people file their request. Parents may need to supply a financial statement so the court can assess their income. This financial statement might include pay stubs or a tax return, as well as a breakdown of expenses. The court typically considers cost-of-living and may adjust the child support order to reflect these changes. 

Is a modification guaranteed? 

People may receive a new child support order if their circumstances have changed significantly. However, sometimes a court might decide that the circumstances did not change enough to merit a modification. If people still have access to other resources, a court may refuse to change the support order. 

People can ask for a child support modification at any time. However, they should file paperwork as soon as their circumstances change. People should also review their child support orders every three years so their payments always reflect their current financial situation.