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The effect of divorce on children

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2020 | Divorce |

Things were different in generations gone by. Many couples stayed together for the kids — or stayed together until the last child left home. There was a widely held belief that this was the right thing to do, and failing to keep your marriage together could lead to troubled children.

Things are different now. You only have to look around to realize that kids whose parents divorce do not necessarily turn into drug abusers or bank robbers. They can lead as normal and successful a life as children whose parents stay together.

That does not mean divorce does not affect children, however. It does. Here are some of the ways divorce can affect a child:

  • Lack of stability: Children need stability to thrive. When the most stable relationship in their life ends, it can be hard to deal with. Where possible, try to minimize unnecessary disruptions. Things such as moving home, changing school or area can all add extra stress and instability.
  • Financial suffering: It costs a lot of money to raise a family. When parents are no longer together, the cost can rise, as they need to maintain two separate homes and lives. There may be less money to buy a child the things they were used to. A parent may struggle to house, feed and clothe their children.

It is not the fact that you divorce, but how you and the other parent handle things during and after your divorce that makes the real difference to your children. An experienced Myrtle Beach family law attorney can help you process your divorce with as little disruption to your children as possible.