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Shared custody can be harder on parents but better for kids

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2020 | Custody |

Most parents know that divorce is hard, but what they may not realize is that the exact thing that makes divorce difficult for them could actually be beneficial for their children. 

Quite a few parents hate the idea of sharing custody of their kids with an ex after a divorce, but that is the exact outcome that most couples divorcing in South Carolina can expect. After all, the courts want to make decisions that align with the best interests of the children in the family. Although you may loathe the idea of seeing your ex every few days, research has shown that shared custody reduces divorce stress for children.

Living with a single parent is harder then alternating homes

When one parent has full custody, they have a lot of responsibility and stress. All of the work that they have to do can detract from their ability to spend quality time with their children. The children will likely notice the financial and emotional strain that their parent experiences and may even blame themselves for it. 

Shared custody arrangements can be very difficult for parents who don’t want to see their ex or go days without seeing their kids. However, research has made it clear that alternating custody schedules are less stressful for the children then one parent having them all the time. 

No matter how unhappy you may be about the prospect of sharing custody with your ex, it is likely easier for you to embrace the reality of your family situation once you understand that it truly is what will make divorce easier for your kids.