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Being single doesn’t have to be a barrier to adopting a child

| Mar 21, 2021 | Uncategorized |

If you’re an unmarried person considering adopting a child, you’re far less of an anomaly than you would have been several decades ago. Single parent adoption isn’t just for celebrities. More and more, people are deciding that they want a child more than they want to be married -– or that they can’t keep waiting around for their soulmate to appear to start their own family.

Unmarried people can legally adopt a child in South Carolina. According to the Department of Social Services, “Marital status, age, income, and sexual orientation will not automatically disqualify someone from adopting a child.” However, that doesn’t mean that some private agencies can’t implicitly or explicitly deny a person the right to adopt. Single men, in particular, can have a more difficult time adopting. It’s probably best to find an agency that’s welcoming to single, qualified people who want to adopt.

What qualifications are essential for adopting?

As a prospective single parent, you’ll need to show adoption agencies that you have a support system of family, friends and/or paid caregivers to take care of your child while you’re working, if you get sick or in case of emergency. That backup system is essential for single parents.

You’ll also need to show that you have the financial resources needed to raise a child. You don’t have to be wealthy, but you do need to be able to support a child as they get older and their needs change. It’s wise to have a nest egg that will tide you over if you were to lose your job, since you’ll be the sole wage-earner in the family.

Confidence in yourself is extremely important. You can’t sell yourself as a parent if you don’t believe that you can do it. If you haven’t been a foster parent, that might be a good place to start. There are thousands of kids in South Carolina who need good foster parents. Many of these parents go on to adopt their foster children.

Adoption can be a long process, and likely there will be some disappointments along the way. Having people in your life who are supportive of your dream to become a parent and an attorney who can guide you through the process and help you improve your chances can make all the difference.