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Can my wealth aid me in securing child custody in South Carolina?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2021 | Custody |

Many parents who face the prospect of having to split time with their child with their co-parent wonder about the factors, if any, that may allow them to gain the upper hand in their custody battle. It’s not uncommon for parents to ask if their wealth or assets would afford them more bargaining power in the situation.

While your wealth can help you afford to aggressively litigate your custody case, South Carolina family law judges are supposed to make decisions that they believe are in your child’s best interests. While a judge will weigh various factors in deciding which custody arrangement is best for your kids, wealth does not make it on the list.

What factors do South Carolina judges consider when awarding custody?

Judges tend to want to gain a better perspective of a family’s dynamics before making any custody rulings in a case. The court may weigh various factors when determining what custodial arrangement is best, including:

  • Who has historically been your child’s primary caregiver
  • Past behavior (such as a criminal history, drug or alcohol use, abuse or neglect allegations)
  • How likely it is that you’ll facilitate a relationship between your child and your co-parent
  • What your home environment is like, including the neighborhood, living arrangements, supervision and proximity to friends and family
  • A parent’s bond with their child
  • What your child wants, depending on their age and maturity

While you can’t rely on your wealth to help you gain the custody you want, you can focus on how you can best provide your child with a supportive and loving home environment. A family law attorney can help you paint a picture for the court that shows your ability to do that.