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Reasons to avoid social media during the divorce 

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Divorce |

Divorce, by its very nature, is an emotional undertaking. During those difficult times, it is natural to want a shoulder you can lean on or friends you can share your frustrations with and, perhaps, seek advice from. 

Social media (Facebook, TikTok, Twitter or Instagram) may seem like the perfect platform for pouring your heart out. After all, if you are already posting every aspect of your life online, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to talk about your divorce as well? In reality, however, this can be a tricky business. 

Here are two valid reasons why you need to steer clear of social media during the divorce process. 

Your posts might reveal your spending behavior

Money is usually one of the hottest topics during a divorce. Posting photos of yourself on a shopping spree or on a vacation can impact your divorce in two ways. 

First, it could be a sign that you are attempting to hide marital assets. And if this is proven, you might have questions to answer. Second, it might impact your spousal support or child support amounts. 

Your social media posts could hurt your custody case

If you share a child, there are even greater concerns than the money. Your ex will waste no time presenting posts that show you intoxicated and partying with friends. And they may use these posts to question your fitness for custody. 

The same is true when you post online about a new relationship. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with finding love again after your divorce. However, posting your love life online may not sit well with your ex, especially when it comes to the custody and living arrangement for your child. 

Discussing your divorce online is never a prudent idea. Understanding your rights and obligations during the divorce can help you avoid social media pitfalls that can hurt your case.