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4 ways to prepare to talk about divorce to your spouse

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Divorce |

Divorce is a tricky subject to bring up with someone you’ve known for years. When talking about divorce, it’s often best to prepare. Here’s what you should consider:

Tell the honest truth

When you talk about divorce, the best outcome will likely come from your honesty. The cause for divorce may have a deeper meaning that you’d like to express to your spouse. Divorce is likely caused by bigger, lasting issues (such as a lack of intimacy) rather than smaller, momentary problems (like taking out the trash).

Reaffirm your decision

You’ve thought long and hard about your decision, and you wouldn’t want to back down and regret your decision. You may see your spouse grasping to keep the marriage together, but staying may only delay the inevitable.

Be gentle about the topic

You may have to consider how you approach the topic of divorce. How does your tone of voice sound? Where will this conversation happen? Coming off as too aggressive and angry may convey the wrong message.

Be prepared for anything

Once your spouse receives the message, they may act in any type of way. Your spouse may break down in tears or go into a fit of rage. Either situation could cause your spouse to take actions they’ll later regret.

You may have to prepare yourself to stay calm and understand that your spouse is going through as much of an emotional time as you – especially if the divorce was unexpected for them.

If you’re preparing for a divorce, you may need to know your options. You may have children to consider, prenups/postnups to review or assets to divide that would need the guidance of legal support.