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Do men or women file for divorce more?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Divorce |

In opposite-sex marriages, either the husband or the wife certainly has the right to file for divorce. Under modern divorce laws, either spouse can usually just file for a no-fault divorce if they would like. It is easier to end marriages than it used to be.

But this may make you wonder who tends to file more often. What you will find is that it may depend on the specifics of the situation. Here’s what you should know:

Women file more overall

First of all, women tend to file for divorce more than men, on the whole. Many different issues can cause this. For instance, some women might feel that the person they’re married to is not able to financially support them, while others may feel that they don’t have an emotional connection. 

For others, it could be physical, or they may not even have a specific reason at all – they just know that they are unhappy in the marriage. Men tend to be content in the same marriages, so they file for divorce less often.

It changes when someone gets sick

What really changes the equation is when one person gets sick. If a husband gets sick, then it is no more likely that his wife is going to file for divorce. 

But if a wife gets sick, then it is notably more likely that her husband is going to be the one to leave. There’s a statistical correlation between long-term injuries, disabilities and illnesses and the likelihood of a husband filing for divorce if those things have happened to his wife.

Regardless of which side of this equation you are on, if you are getting divorced, you may need to know about your legal options.