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What if you need some resolution before the end of your divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Divorce |

Getting a divorce is not just painful. It is chaotic and disruptive, especially for parents and their children. You must file forms, gather documentation and meet with your legal team, all while going to work and caring for your kids.

You may look forward to the day when the court’s final orders add stability and routine back to your life, but what if you need guidelines now? Temporary orders give spouses a means of addressing urgent family issues before the divorce ends.

Property matters

Temporary orders may also help those embroiled in marital property disputes. Say you are concerned that your spouse might try to sell assets ahead of your property division proceedings. A judge may issue an order prohibiting both spouses from selling high-value assets.

It may also be possible to obtain court orders addressing the possession or sale of the family home or a motor vehicle. For example, if you need the car and the home to shelter and transport your kids, a court may grant your request for relief.

Child-related matters

South Carolina family courts agree that issues impacting your kids come before all other matters. As such, judges often grant temporary orders that preserve the best interests of children involved in a divorce.

For example, you may petition for a temporary child custody and visitation schedule to minimize parental conflict between you and your spouse. A court can also issue orders allowing you (or your co-parent) to receive temporary child support on behalf of the kids.

If you feel your family would benefit from formal (yet temporary) arrangements, it’s wise to have legal guidance.