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When should you consider a child support modification?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Child Support |

After a divorce, the needs of the kids are met through child support. The South Carolina Department of Social Services provides residents with a calculator to help them estimate how much they may be asked to pay. The figure ordered by the court may be slightly lower or higher than the estimate. Thus, the calculator prepares you.

Once the court determines an amount, you need to observe it. However, in the future, you may want to change it. Here are instances that can motivate you to do so.

Loss of income

If your income decreases, perhaps you lost your job, the new job is low-paying, changes have been made to your payment or you retired, it may be challenging to pay the stated child support amount. This can put you in high debt trying to meet it. You should request a modification to avoid such consequences.

Increase in income

A promotion, career change, business growth or inheritance may increase your income. Accordingly, you will want your kids’ standard of living to improve. In this instance, you may request to increase child support.

Changes in your children’s needs

If your kid(s) has a new need that was not available when child support was ordered, you may request a modification. Examples include medical or dental care, extracurricular activities like sports, cooking classes or dance and personal hygiene. When kids get older, their needs change, and this should reflect in child support.

New responsibilities

Remarrying or having other kids gives you new responsibilities. As a result, you may want to modify child support to meet all your dependents’ needs.

Child support modifications are necessary when circumstances change. Consider your options to protect your rights when making such a request.