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How does divorce differ with age?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce can happen at any stage of your life, and in many cases, the reasons may be the same. However, particular ages can make divorce more likely for particular reasons and bring particular concerns.

Here are some issues that different age groups need to consider:

When you are young

Marriage can seem like a great idea when you have been childhood sweethearts or fallen madly in love during college. Then, maybe you look around and feel that your single friends are having more fun. Or, you realize that marriage is a lot more challenging than you thought. With plenty of your life ahead, you may decide to cut your losses, end the marriage and learn from the experience.

Divorce will be relatively simple as you probably won’t have too many assets to worry about yet.

When you have recently had children

However much couples enjoy becoming parents, they often find it changes their relationship. Parenting is time-consuming and can leave you both drained with little time for nights out or romantic nights in. Your spending priorities will also change, with less available for holidays or meals out. Many couples no longer enjoy being married as a result. 

Your primary concerns, in this case, will be how to raise and pay for your children and how much time they will spend with each of you. The house may also be more of a concern at this stage in life.

Later in life, when the children have grown up

Maybe you stayed together for the kids. Or, perhaps you still get along but realize that life is short and you both want to do very different things with what remains of it. Divorcing in later life is increasingly common. Special considerations included examining your ability to retire and the cost of getting separate health care if one of you was on the other’s work policy.

Regardless of which stage of life you decide to divorce, it’s wise to get legal guidance as you move forward with your plans. That can help you prepare for the upcoming changes that divorce brings with confidence.