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How can I make divorce cheaper?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Divorce |

While a divorce can certainly end up being expensive in both emotional investment and time, many people completely overlook the actual monetary cost of divorce. Depending on the assets involved and how acrimonious the divorce is, it can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars to get the paperwork through. 
However, there are many ways to go through the process of divorce and some of them are far cheaper than others. According to Forbes, mediated or collaborative divorces are far less expensive than trial divorces. 
What is a mediated or collaborative divorce? 
Many people picture a courtroom when they envision divorce. While it is true that some divorces need a team of lawyers and judges to make them work, this is actually the most expensive way to go about a divorce. You must pay for all of that legal firepower somehow. 
A mediated or collaborative divorce is for individuals who do not require the strict environment of a courtroom to work through a divorce. Mediated divorces, in particular, may not even need lawyers to get through the process. Instead, the ex-couple sits down with a designated mediator and goes through all of the pertinent details. 
In a collaborative divorce, both parties have lawyers, but everybody sits down together to talk about the details of the divorce. 
What should I know about these divorces? 
The crux where collaborative or mediated divorces is that both parties need to be willing to compromise and talk. If you cannot be in the same room as your soon-to-be ex-spouse, for instance, then it is likely you will need the formality of a trial divorce.